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The Advantages of Online Learning

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

While there is a lot to be said for traditional, classroom-based and face-to-face learning, the advantages of online learning are becoming only more and more evident as technology, interfaces and software improve.

Removing nearly all geographical and logistic constraints and requiring only a pc, laptop, tablet or mobile and a wifi connection, online learning allows students to learn anywhere and anytime, and it makes them able to work at their own pace and revise material and refresh their knowledge when and in a manner that works for them. They can set the pace of their own learning in a way that is simply not possible when a student is one of many in a classroom, and they inevitably are one consideration among many.

If the material with which a student is working is interesting, rigorous, and challenging, then students will find their engagement, understanding and progress all increase rapidly.

Likewise, working online allows tutors and students to take advantage of the wealth of information and material on the web, meaning diagrams, case studies, audio-clips, short videos and interactive quizzes can be used during the lesson and for follow-up tasks for the student to work on individually. Links to exam board specifications and sample assessment material can easily be sent from tutor to student, bringing real advantages to GCSE and A-Level students as their tuition continues.

Online tuition also makes organisation of material so much easier, with resources sent to the student following the lesson to allow for the creation of an easily accessible and organised set of revision notes.

We often assure students who find the idea of online tuition a little strange that within minutes, they won't even notice the difference between working online and being in a classroom or being tutored in person. This always proves to be the case, and students quickly settle into the rhythm of working in such a way.

In short then, online tuition brings only advantages, allowing the development of a good working, face to face relationship that can flourish in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

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