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Our specialist history tutor has worked in British secondary schools as Head of History for a number of years, gaining excellent results at both GCSE and A-Level. They also have many years of experience working as an assessor for exam boards, giving them up to date and extensive knowledge of how to construct outstanding exam answers.

Experienced in offering tuition to students studying the AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas and OCR exam boards, our tutors are subject experts  in a range of topics. 

Some of the units we have offered tuition in recently include:

  • The Anglo-Saxons and Normans

  • Elizabethan England

  • Health and the People

  • Crime and Punishment

  • Germany 1918-45

  • Twentieth Century China

  • Russia and the Soviet Union

  • The Cold War

  • The Middle East

  • 20th Century British History

Exam course options

  • GCSE Tuition: £40 per 60 minute lesson

  • A-Level Tuition: £50 per 60 minute lesson

Special Offer!

£100 Exam Masterclass: Three hour-long lessons and one fully marked exam script with detailed feedback.

As well as our exam courses, we also offer a number of courses designed to improve students' historical knowledge and understanding and to instill a love of the subject.

These courses also offer students who are moving into the British education system the opportunity to learn topics covered in the school curriculum, ensuring they are not at a disadvantage.

Cost: History courses £20 for a group lesson, £40 for a private lesson

All lessons last 55 minutes. 

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